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Celebrating Unity and Generosity: The Impact of Our Community Iftar Dinner

Hey The Stand De Family!

My heart is truly filled with so much joy by the turnout of yesterday's event!

If you know the history of The Stand De, I started my business, not to get "rich" or "make money" but to create opportunities and to start and fund my own initiatives that support the members of my community in being happy, healthy, and whole! Although my views have changed a little bit on the former statement, lol, what better way to contribute to my community's happiness than to provide us with a safe and affordable space for us to break bread together and to create beautiful memories together!

April 7, 2024, we had the opportunity to fulfill our mission with the help of Lites Bar Ba Que, LLC & With or Without! Due to our collaboration, we were able to provide 75 meals to the members of our community! The menu consisted of some of the best beef brisket I ever had in my life and chicken wing dings prepared by Lites Bar Ba Que, LLC. Mac & Cheese, String beans, and side salad prepared by yours truly, The Stand De! I also want to shout out my friend, Michael Johnson, for donating the most delicious turkey drum sticks I have ever tasted to the cause! They were sooooo good!

Yall it was amazing. I'm not gon' lie, I was nervous about how many people was going to show, but as usual, y'all showed up and showed out for us! What I enjoyed most about the dinner was the positive vibes, my family and friends that showed up, and also having the opportunity to meet new community members, especially the children.

We truly had a time and it truly was vibe.

I do plan on posting some video content on our social media channels within the next couple of days so if you are interested, follow us @thestandde on IG & Facebook. If you missed it, it is okay, there will be opportunities for us to gather, talk, and break bread with each other in the near future!

To get in touch with Lite's Bar Ba Que their phone number is 267-745-2641.

To learn more information about With or Without follow them on IG @withorwithoutthelabel

Thank you so much and stay on the lookout for an updated schedule on where you can support us this week!


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